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Based in Tampa, FL

Small Business

We Are A Small Business! Please Be Patient With Us As Every Piece is Handmade From Scratch. Starting with the Original Sketch, From Sourcing and Cutting the Fabric, To Sewing and Bringing the Vision to Life.

Best Quality

We Find Quality Fabric and Use Quality Control Before Any Pieces are Shipped Out To You. This Includes Checking For Any Rips, Holes, Tears, Loose Ends, Etc. To Ensure Each Piece's Quality is Up To Par For Every Customer.

Sustainability Promise

We Use Recyclable Packaging and Decomposable Fabrics For Designs and Pieces that are Sustainable in order to Reduce Our Ecological Footprint and Help Keep the Earth a Cleaner Place!

Worldwide Shipping

International Shipping is Now Available! Shipping Time is 2 Weeks but May Differ Due To COVID-19 and Depending On Your Location.


All Processing and Production Time Is Estimated 5-7 Days, Please Be Very Patient as All of Our Products Are Hand-Made. 

Please Fill out Our Contact Form with Your Name & Details, Please Be Patient and We Will Respond to You as Soon as Possible.

All Shipments Will Be from Florida, US. Shipping Time Is Estimated to Be 5-7 Days for US Customers.
Please Notice That Shipping Companies Will Be Delayed Due to COVID-19.

International Shipping is estimated with a shipping time of 7-10 days or later due to covid-19.

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